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Deodorant Detox! (A how-to switch to chemical-free deodorant)

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I had been dealing with armpit eczema for roughly 8 months, and super itchy underarms for about 12 years. The eczema actually happened when I started using natural deodorant (preservative/aluminum free, containing only natural ingredients) so I decided to tackle it head on and make a simple deodorant that didn't contain any weird stuff I couldn't pronounce. As with all of our products, first I tested it on myself, and it got rid of my eczema! My friends tried it next, and they loved it so much we decided to add it to our Urban Alchemist arsenal!

Since creating our Grapefruit + Lime Deodorant Cream many people have asked me about the issues of conventional deodorants/antiperspirants. That's what led me to creating this blog, to educate my customers and everyone else who wants to know more about the green beauty world.

Why conventional deodorants/antiperspirants aren't the best choice:

Aluminum- these compounds temporarily plug the sweat glands, and are easily absorbed into the skin. Some evidence shows aluminum is linked to breast cancer.

Parabens- (methyl, ethyl, benzyl, propyl, and butyl)- used as a preservative in many deodorants (keeps mold away). These contain hormone disrupters, which are linked to breast cancer.

Fragrance- this is harmful to the environment AND can seriously irritate your skin. 

Triclosan- this is a disinfectant that kills odour causing bacteria. It can be an irritant to skin, can cause contact dermatitis, and may be an endocrine disrupter. 

As with any hot topic like this, a ton of research still needs to be done, and we definitely can't make causal claims that directly link any of these ingredients to cancer. However, there is enough evidence out there to make you question conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, so why not make the switch? 


I've been told many times about failed attempts at switching to a natural deodorant, it usually goes like this: "I still smell, what the heck?" or, "I couldn't deal. I stunk...there's no way. I quit!"

The cold, hard truth is that you might smell for a hot minute. One study illustrated that using conventional deodorant/antiperspirant changes the underarm microbial profile, making your body produce MORE odorous bacteria. That bad bacteria actually makes you smell worse when you stop using these chemically laden conventional products. So the years of layered gunk may take a while to get rid of, and let's face it, it's gonna smell. But the good news is that the dank stank will go away after a couple of weeks and you'll be doing your body an abundance of good if you just do a little detox! It's time to let those babies breathe! 

What's the Detox?

Think of a juice cleanse. People do them to rid their bodies of toxins. But we could all benefit MORE from an armpit cleanse. It will help clean out the buildup of toxins, and can reduce the amount of sweat and odour (not to mention reducing the risk of cancer) in the long run.

How do I do it?

It's super simple, two ingredients:


  1. Mix ingredients together with 1 tsp. of water until you create a thick paste.
  2. Apply paste onto armpits and leave for at least 5 minutes, longer is better but start with shorter lengths of time. If it hurts, wash it off.
  3. Rinse off in the shower or with a wet washcloth. (you may see some redness)
  4. Repeat as long as necessary, and feel free to use a natural deodorant in conjunction with this detox paste.

So go on, give it a try for yourself! This detox will get you started on your path to clean, green, chemical-free pits! And once those pits are free of chemicals, it's time to make a switch to a natural deodorant. Have I mentioned we make one of those? It's all natural, vegan, and will leave you smelling like a fresh, citrus dream! 

Grapefruit + Lime Deodorant 


 I hope you found this useful, and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to me! 









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