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Guest Blogger Sarah Price: Favourite Skin + Body Care Ingredients

blog guest post Sarah Price

We're so excited to have Sarah Price pop over to do a guest post on our blog!

Sarah is a holistic beauty and self care writer who is obsessed with finding the best in natural skincare. She is incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and we highly recommend checking out her blog if you want recommendations on holistic beauty/lifestyle, natural DIY recipes, and pretty much anything else green lifestyle related. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter talking about green beauty, self care, mental health, and plants. Lots of plants.

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Favourite Skin + Body Care Ingredients

Sarah Price

Choosing a good skincare product starts with discovering the ingredients your skin loves. When you're choosing products made with high quality, healing ingredients, the product is going to work for you. This process removes the uncertainty, and while there are exceptions, it sets you and your beauty routine up for success.

Shea Butter.

Shea butter was one of the first ingredients I really fell in love with. I started using pure, Fair Trade Shea butter as my body moisturizer over five years ago, and I still do to this day.

Shea butter has so many benefits. It offers really deep, long lasting hydration from head to toe. With a good amount of Vitamin A, it's able to heal acne, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis. It has a comedogenic rating of 0, which means it won't clog your pores. Incorporate shea butter with the Rosemary + Mint Body Butter for a herbal, healing remedy.

Cocoa Butter.

Cocoa butter is similar to shea butter, but it does have different properties. It's actually used to make chocolate, so it offers a heavenly chocolate scent to your skincare treatments.

Just like shea butter, cocoa butter is incredibly nourishing and hydrating. It's also anti-inflammatory and can help heal rashes and other inflamed skin issues.

Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, so it's going to help heal and repair your skin while also reducing signs of ageing. It provides a barrier on your skin, protecting it from things like pollution, dirt, and other environmental forces. If you're looking to add cocoa butter into your beauty routine, try the Sage + Grapefruit Lip Butter for an invigorating, herbal treat.

calendula, chamomile, shea butter, cocoa butter

Olive Oil.

Olive oil is a really handy, multi-purpose oil that can be used in body oils, body butters, body scrubs, and of course on your face.

It's high in antioxidants to give your skin lots of nourishment. It's also always liquid, so you can get creative and infuse a jar with your favourite healing herbs.

Try incorporating olive oil into your routine with the nourishing Earl Green Matcha Body Balm.


Herbs are so beneficial for your skin. They're easily added to scrubs, facial steams, and bath teas. If you have a bit more time you can infuse an oil, like olive or coconut, with them over a period of 4-6 weeks for a healing oil. You can also of course make teas to help your skin from within.

My favourite herb to use in my skincare routine is calendula. It's really great for healing your skin and reducing inflammation. You can try the Calendula Healing Balm and see for yourself!

Other herbs I love using are chamomile, lavender, and mint. Chamomile is a wonderful addition to your bath to promote feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Lavender is an excellent herb for your face steams, and it makes a delicious tea. Mint is my new obsession, I've added it to scrubs and face steams, and I love a cup of tea made with fresh mint leaves.

Essential Oils.

Last but definitely not least are essential oils. Essential oils are plant compounds that are like little healing powerhouses. They're super versatile and easy to incorporate into your self care routine.

I love using them in scrubs and body butters to not only exfoliate and hydrate, but to add a lovely scent and make the treatment more enjoyable. Try the Sweet Orange + Spice or Cardamom + Sugar Body Scrubs to get a sense of how amazing and versatile essential oils are.

Those are my favourite skincare ingredients, and the ingredients I look for when I'm trying to find new products. They all work to heal, nourish and improve the health of my skin.

What are your favourite ingredients?

With love,



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