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Butter your lips! (Sage + Grapefruit)


Our 100% natural calendula infused lip balm is super light and moisturizing! Hints of grapefruit and sage make this balm perfect for your kisser! 


15 ml/.5 oz reusable aluminum tin


Ingredients and benefits:

• sunflower oil* - naturally rich in vitamin e, anti-inflammatory, helps to regenerate skin cells

• calendula* - anti inflammatory, minimizes scarring

• unrefined shea butter* - soothes irritated skin, anti inflammatory (helps to heal skin), extremely nourishing and retains moisture 

• cocoa butter* -  helps with eczema and dermatitis, repairs dry and chapped skin

• beeswax* - creates a natural barrier to seal in moisture, contains vitamin a (promotes cell regeneration) 

• sage essential oil* - moisturizing, anti-aging

• grapefruit essential oil* - detoxifying, aroma is uplifting

• peppermint essential oil* - anti-microbial, cooling

* organic 


For use: rub as much or as little on your kisser, morning, noon, and night! 


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