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Charcoal Deodorant (Lemongrass + Tea Tree)


This vegan deodorant uses activated charcoal; a detoxifying, odor and moisture absorbing powerhouse! Combined with gently moisturizing shea and cocoa butter, your underarms won't get irritated. Antibacterial coconut oil draws out odor-smelling bacteria, while the lemongrass and tea tree leave you smelling fresh. Most importantly, it's aluminum-free! This all-natural deodorant actually works!  

60 ml./ 2 oz. 

30 ml./ 1 oz.


shea butter*, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, bentonite clay, arrowroot powder*, sodium bicarbonate, activated charcoal, cetyl alcohol, lemongrass essential oil*, tea tree essential oil*

* organic 

Take a small amount and rub on underarms, best used after bathing. Store in a dark, cool place.


- Will the deodorant turn my underarms/clothing grey? 

No, as long as you rub it in well before getting dressed! Apply it, rub it in, and move around for a bit and let it soak into your skin. 

- Should I reapply throughout the day? 

One application in the morning should be okay, however if you're having a sweatier day, feel free to reapply. Just make sure to give your underarms a quick rinse, then apply. Layering over the old stuff won't work! 


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