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Grapefruit + Lime Deodorant Cream


Our completely natural and vegan deodorant will keep you feeling fresh all day! Arrowroot powder and bentonite clay combine to soak up moisture, while raw shea butter gently moisturizes so your underarms won't get irritated. Antibacterial coconut oil draws out odorous bacteria, while grapefruit and lime draw out toxins and leave you smelling like a citrus dream! Most importantly, it's aluminum-free! 

Need help switching to a natural deodorant? Check out our blog post on it and our armpit detox kit is now available, too! 

60 ml./ 2 oz. 

30 ml./ 1 oz.

Ingredients and benefits:

• arrowroot powder* - absorbs sweat, helps to eliminate toxins

• unrefined shea butter* - soothes irritated skin, anti-inflammatory, nourishing 

• virgin unrefined coconut oil* - antibacterial + anti fungal, hydrates skin

• jojoba oil* - closely resembles the natural sebum (oil) in skin, blocks out moisture 

• bentonite clay* - helps eliminate impurities and toxins, absorbs sweat, neutralizes body odour  

• vitamin e oil - antioxidant, keeps skin elastic, natural preservative

• sodium bicarbonate - detoxifies, regulates pH levels

• grapefruit essential oil* - antibacterial, disinfectant, detoxifying

• lime essential oil* - disinfectant, antioxidant  

* organic 

For use: Take a small amount and rub on underarms, best used after bathing. Store in a dark, cool place.


- Why do I still smell after using it?

You have to go through a detoxification period before it really starts to work. Your body needs to rid itself of the odour-causing toxins from conventional deodorant use. But good news, you can fix that! Check out our blog post on armpit detox, or purchase one of our armpit detox kits! 

- Should I reapply throughout the day? 

One application in the morning should be okay, however if you're having a sweatier day, feel free to reapply. Just make sure to give your underarms a quick rinse, then apply. Layering over the old stuff won't work! 


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